AMS International Pvt Ltd



      •         PolyPak Rubber and TPU energized lip seals
•         MolyGard and WearGard Wear rings and bearings
•         FlexiSealฎ spring-energized PTFE seals
•         ClipperTM Oil Seals
•         ProTechTM bearing isolators
•         RM Dynex fabric expansion joints
•         Parofluor ULTRA , and Parofluor perfluoroelastomer sealing materials
•         ParFab Extruded, spliced and fabricated gaskets
•         Gask-O-Seal Volume/void seals
•         Integral Seal Edge molded seals
•         Many more …

PolyPak energized lip seals FlexiSeal PTFE Spring-energized lip seals

      •         Metal and plastic retained elastomeric composite seals
•         Polymeric and plastic seals
•         Homogeneous and inserted elastomeric shapes
•         Elastomeric O-Rings
•         Extruded and precision-cut and fabricated elastomeric seals
•         Thermoplastic engineered seals
•         EMI shielding and thermal management products
•         Aftermarket transmission seals
•         Each division has…
–        Specific product competencies
–        Extensive knowledge of the markets it serves
–        Lean, focused structure
–        Dedicated technical sales force
–        Application engineering expertise
•         Broad product range
•         Technologically advanced sealing devices
•         Materials that keep pace with…          
–        Tighter tolerances
–        Higher temperatures
–        More aggressive chemistries
•         Our experience and Innovation built right-in
•         Quickly and cost effectively able to supply sealing products for virtually any application


Chomerics Division  

Engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted) for sealing systems and isolation applications

      •         Thermally conductive gap fillers for microprocessor cooling
•         EMI shielding laminates for PC enclosures
•         Conductive elastomer/plastic spacer gasket for EMI shielding of cellular handsets


Composite Sealing Systems
Metals and plastic or metal retained elastomeric combinations for static face seal applications


Fuel access panel for aircraft





                                                                            End effector for semiconductor wafer “bumping


Engineered Seals Division

Designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted) for sealing systems and isolation applications

  • Diaphragm for automotive fuel system
  • Inserted elastomeric shape for machine vibration control


O-Ring Division

Engineered elastomeric o-ring seals
- NSF 61 approved o-rings for residential water delivery systems
- O-rings and molded shapes for use in fuel delivery systems


Integrated Sealing Systems Division

Designs and manufactures engineered seals and sealing systems for transmissions, engines and power generation components of automotive and heavy-duty equipment

Push-in-place NVH seals for automotive valve covers and intake manifolds
Dual material (FKM and HNBR) for diesel engine water manifold base sealing

TechSeal Division
Designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric extruded profiles, lathe cuts and spliced/fabricated gaskets
  • FDA and USP Class VI Seals for medical specimen vials
  • Spliced environmental seal for GPS enclosure

Seal Aftermarket Products Div.

“ … specializes in the most technologically advanced kitting for industrial, aerospace and transmission applications, serving the aftermarket and original equipment service customers.”

Engineered Polymer Systems Division

“… designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric, polymeric and plastic seals and sealing systems for dynamic applications.”


Typical EPS Applications

- Integrated Piston for cylinders in aerial lifts
- Anti-microbial rotary seals for food processing applications
- Elastomeric molded shapes for EOG applications

•         Parker’s ability to seal an entire system results in:
–        Increased seal & system reliability
–        Reduced installation costs
–        Consolidated system testing
–        Reduced vendor base
–        Increased performance traceability
–        Improved efficiency

Elimination of paperwork/ redundant communications

Apart from that

EPS: Sealing Solutions for the Automotive Industry
EPS:  Sealing Systems for the Energy, Oil and Gas Industries
Engineered Sealing Systems for General Industrial
Engineered Sealing Systems for the Semiconductor Industry
Engineered Sealing Systems for the Telecommunications Industry
Life Sciences Sealing Systems 

EPS Division Product Families and Master Catalog Strategy

Fluid Power Packing Product Family – Hydraulics and Pneumatics
•         Rod and Piston Seals
•         Wipers
•         Bearings/Wear rings/Backups

Rotary Shaft Seal Product Line
•         Oil Seals:  Clipper and Parker Oil Seal
•         Bearing Isolators:  Millennium and ProTech
•         PTFE Lip Seals:  FlexiSeal, FlexiLip, FlexiCase

PTFE Sealing Solutions
•         Spring Energized Lip Seals:  FlexiSeal
•         High Speed Lip Seals:  FlexiLip
•         Custom PTFE Seals

EOG Sealing Solutions
•         Fluid Power Seals
•         Homogeneous Rubber based products
•         Fabric/Metal Insert products

Expansion Joints